We Love TechCrunch Sponsors Very, Very Much


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TechCrunch would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. Most companies that have requested sponsorship on TechCrunch have been turned away – we accept companies where we like and respect the products they are shipping.

Our six sponsors are Adobe, Ask, EV1 Servers, Logoworks, Text-Link-Ads and Zoho.


will create a new logo for your business, as well as other stuff like a website, business cards, etc., for a very reasonable price, starting at $300. They work with a number of independent designers and you see logo ideas from a bunch of them before deciding which you like best. We wrote about Logoworks back in May.


Zoho is putting together one of the best Ajax web office suites. There is a debate occuring about the business model viability around sites like Zoho – see Robert Scoble and Pandurang Nayak – but what I find interesting is the potential for Zoho and its competitors to potentially disrupt the huge enterprise office market. Zoho is a company to watch.


Text-Link-Ads is one of the best revenue generating services for blogs and other websites today. It is a great deal for advertisers as well – check out TLA’s Link Buying Starter Kit for $100 in free ads.

Flash and Ajax are turning into the dominant technologies for building new web applications. There is some seriously cool new stuff coming in the near future from Adobe as well. Our favorite Flash application right now? Gotuit. Check it out.

Ask is linking its sponsorship spot directly to its new blog search engine, which we wrote about here at launch.

EV1 Servers
Choosing your hosting provider is the most important decision you’ll make when your site grows big enough to need it’s own server (or even a shared server). EV1 specializes in customer service and serious up-time. And it’s damn inexpensive too. I love the landing page they put up for TechCrunch readers.

If you are interested in becoming a TechCrunch sponsor or advertiser, please review the information here.