BossBitching: Who's been your worst boss?

boss bitching logoBossBitching is a simple but cool site where users can post anonymous comments about their bosses and other users can comment and rate the stories with a slick ajax interface. It’s fun, it’s like an old classic but for individual bosses.

Launched by someone who identifies himself as Unknown Tech Guy and claims to live in New York city (it could be just for effect), BossBitching is just the first of many sites planned to launch under the UberBitching brand.

boss bitching screen

BossBitching lets complainers categorize bosses by archetype and readers can chose between three responses to give a story they read, much better than a simple thumbs up or down.

You know what they say, find a basic human need and give the users a compelling environment to fulfill that need and you’ve got yourself a quality web site! Or at least a fighting chance. The one that complains about the boss who demands days-long blogging sprees without sleep isn’t me, by the way, just so you know.