Asus WL-700gE WiFi Router With 160GB Hard Drive, iTunes and Bittorrent Support

asuswl700.jpgThis Asus WL-700gE wireless router goes above and beyond a normal router and acts like a simple Linux machine. The 160GB hard drive provides plenty of room for your bittorrent-downloaded DivX movies, and the USB2.0 interface lets you connect external storage for sharing on the network.

There’s also a built in FTP server, DDNS support, Samba Server (for network file sharing), and iTunes integration with the UPnP sever. If you connect enough storage to this device, it can take over as your home file server, downloading server, and music center. All for a decent price of $259 on Newegg.

Product Page [Asus]

Purchase Page [Newegg]