Logitech QuickCall USB Speakerphone

logitech_quickcall_usb_speakerphone.jpgIn case just using your computer’s speakers and a webcam as a speakerphone wasn’t “high tech” enough for you, Logitech has their new QuickCall USB Speakerphone to allow you to make calls on any VoIP network.

There’s a dual-microphone system on the speakerphone that somehow works to cancel out noise and give you better sounding audio. Problem is, your mother in Ohio is still putzing along with her $15 webcam, which means the audio coming out of your end will have your own voice echoing like the Grand Canyon.

There’s also a headset port on the speakerphone so you can plug in a standard headset for privacy. Plus, there are buttons for making/ending calls, volume adjustment and muting the call. Not a bad deal at $99.

Press Release [Logitech via Mobile Whack]