Seagate to Supply 60GB and 120GB Drives for iPods?

ipod_fake.jpgAs legions of iPod users complain they’ve filled their music players’ hard drives to the brim— 60MB 60GB being the current maximum—there may be relief in sight. Seagate insists there’s still life left in hard drives, vowing to produce 60GB and 120GB drives, maybe for the next generation of iPods. A tantalizing tidbit from a BusinessWeek interview with Seagate CEO William Watkins: he says his company will have 1.8-inch drives ready to ship in the December quarter, perhaps to supply 60GB and 120GB drives for the newest iPod:

“We have this new opportunity in 1.8-inch drives, which is starting to grow for handheld video. Apple’s iPod is one, but there are a lot of people putting out handheld video devices. We did not have a drive for that business that will come in capacities of 60 and 120 GB, and so we will have one in the December quarter and we think that will be a nice little driver for us.”

December quarter? Just in time for Christmas.

Seagate Is Hard-Driven [BusinessWeek]