Little Phatty by Moog

The Little Phatty, by Moog, is a monophonic analog synthesizer with 100 user editable presets. It was also the last product that Bob Moog had any impact on. This beautiful Moog Synthesizer is actually the smaller and cheaper version of the MiniMoog Voyager, and features a 37-note keyboard, spring-loaded pitch wheel, mod wheel, glide on/off, octave down, and octave up.

Sound editing of continuous parameters is done from the front panel by enabling a parameter with its switch (its LED becomes illuminated), and then adjusting its value control. There are 4 value controls, one for each section: Modulation, Oscillators, Filter, and Envelopes. Each is surrounded by a ring of 15 LEDs that show approximately the stored or edited value of the current parameter. The value controls are analog, and when a parameter is activated, the analog control signal is switched to directly control that parameter (RAC™ or Real Analog Control). For each section, only one continuous parameter can be activated at a time for editing. For parameters that have multiple possibilities (such as Mod Source) pressing that switch advances through the possible Mod sources. For On/Off type switches like Osc. Sync, the LEDs are on when that parameter is on or off when the parameter is off.

Can’t argue with that. The Little Phatty is available for $1475.00.

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