TROLLTECH Announces Greenphone

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TROLLTECH, the makers of Qt and Qtopia, unveiled Greenphone Monday night in San Francisco. Greenphone provides the source code API calls to all of the phone’s basic operations, such as the dialer, calendar, address book and more. Trolltech stated that they believe many of the simple services in typical phones can be enhanced drastically by opening up the source code rather than adding new applications. “Greenphone is the first Linux mobile development device open for unlimited software innovation,” said a spokesperson.

The phone itself includes Qtopia Phone Edition and can also function as a normal working mobile phone. Greenphone test model features a touch-screen and keypad UI, Intel XSale 312 MHz dual core, 64MB Ram, and is Bluetooth equipped. TROLLTECH stated that the phone is aimed toward developers, application specialists, and manufacturers for an informal price of around $700.00.

Product Page [TROLLTECH]