Top 50 Mobile Phone Sites

This is a pretty meta post, but it’s interesting news. It seems that Cingular is the most popular world cellphone website while ChinaMobile is #1 by a head, neck, and left shoulder. You then kind of peter out right around motorola. Mad4Mobile created the study and found that PhoneScoop – a personal favorite, is one of the better phone blogs out there.

In this study we have picked the top 50 websites in terms of visibility for key phrases on various search engines and conducted some research into their traffic figures. If your favourite site is not listed please let us know and the table will be updated. Traffic analysis was conducted using the Alexa rankings. Alexa data is not 100% accurate but for websites with a rank of less than 100,000 it is generally regarded as a very good indication of relative traffic.

Nokia’s site is #3 while YouNeverCall is 45, proving your mother is right.

Revealed: The top 50 mobile & cell phone websites [Mad4Mobiles]