Man Blames Dell Laptop For House Fire

burnedhousedell.jpgA Florida man says his wife’s laptop was sitting on some papers on a couch when the couch caught fire – spreading, and then eventually destroying his house. The article says the Dell was one of the models that were recalled this week because of potential fire hazards.

This man was pretty unlucky that the laptop was sitting on papers and a couch, instead of on a desk like in previous Dell laptop fires. In the 20 minutes that it took for the fire to burn his house down, he went in and saved “wedding pictures, baby toys and his wife’s purse.” The best part of this article though, would be the fact that they thought the family losing “843 DVDs” was notable.

Meanwhile, their 6-year-old son was more concerned about his mother missing her DVD movie collection, which melted in the flames.

They really loved those damn DVDs.

Man blames Dell laptop for house fire [Herald Tribune]