Cortex HDC-1000

The HDC-1000 is one of the first dual digital music controllers in the world to manipulate music files from an external USB device allowing DJs and other users to transport their music collection with ease. The HDC-1000 offers an ‘intelligent music database management system which allows the user to instantly find the track they are looking for via a bright LCD playback screen which displays artist, track, title, time elapsed, and time remaining information. One of the more interesting features here is that the HDC-1000 can connect up to four external devices, and no matter what the storage space or how many songs uploaded onto the devices, none of the features will slow down. HDC-1000 eliminates the need for live PC mixing and is rack-mountable. Imagine, DJs: no more stolen or damaged computers for a pre-order price of 49999 pennies.

HDC-1000 [Product Page]