Logitech ChillStream Controller

Chill… till the next episode. Logitech just launched the ChillStream controller for the PC, a $39.99 controller that circulates up to 3.41 cubic feet of air straight across your sweaty, sweaty palms. It’s also got some fancy system for the D-pad:

The controller features Logitech’s patented floating D-pad,
which uses four points of contact instead of a single pivot point – a
design that resists side-to-side tipping inherent in other controllers,
making the controller more precise.

Whatever… this thing blows all over you, a perfect preventative measure for those who suffer the dreaded Moist Controller Handoff Phobia, an irrational fear that kicks in during multi-player play on a single controller machine. You know the feeling: you and your fellow gamers wince as you grab the single game controller while it’s still warm and, most probably, wet. Comes out in September.