Wii to Cost a Wii $170

I saw a dev-kit for the Wii and I can honestly say it’s a pretty compelling platform, especially with all the funny motion stuff. Not a dream come true just yet – the games I saw were in pre-production – but it was an interesting idea.

Anyway, EA agrees and basically spilled the beans on the Wii’s price – $170. Not too shabby.

Speaking exclusively to GamesIndustry.biz, executive VP and COO of EA’s worldwide studios, David Gardner, has revealed that the publisher believes the console will retail for around US $170 in North America.

In an interview to be published later this week, Gardner said: “I’ve heard in Japan that the price is about $170, but I don’t know if the price has been set in Europe yet.”

If history is any guide, this is probably on the mark for Europe and the US as well, and we know that it will definitely be less than $250. Therefore, start saving your allowance now, kids.

Wii will retail for around $170 – EA [GamesIndustry]