Creative Zen Vision W Unveiled

Popular Mechanics, the first place any gadget hound turns to to get their news, just unveiled the Creative Zen Vision W. It’s got a huge 4.3-inch widescreen (that’s what the W stands for) display, up to 60GB of storage, DivX playback and CompactFlash expansion slot for sticking in your photos.

If you ignore the screen on the front, the body itself does seem pretty similar to the form factor used a few years ago in the Creative Zen Jukebox. Now that thing was huge, and looked like it had an actual 3.5-inch desktop hard drive in there. You could only fit those in your pants if you were one of three people: MC Hammer, a circus clown, or Hammer when he had to work as a circus clown in the late ’90s. Wait, I guess that’s just two people.

Creative Zen Vision W Revealed! [epizenter via Gizmodo]