Canon Fires Cameras

Alright I’m really sick of writing about Canon this morning. To add to the immense exodus of products from the Canon camp, the company also announced this morning the release of three new cameras to its Powershot line. They should space these releases out or something.

The A710 IS features a 7.3MP CCD with a 2.5″ LCD screen, an6x optical zoom lens and 21 shooting modes. More notably, however, this model also brings with it Canon’s proprietary Image Stabilizer Technology that has previously been seen only on its high-end cameras. It is available for $399.99.

Both the A640 and A630 have 4x optical zoom lenses and 2.5″ Vari-Angle LCD screens. The difference being that the A640 features a 10MP CCD, while the A630 has just 8MP. Each model has 21 shooting modes. They are available for $399.99 and $299.99 respectively.

Having so many models seems a bit redundant to me. What Canon should have done is eliminate the A710 IS and just made two models with IS at 8MP and 10MP. I’m sure they’re nice cameras, I’m just not convinced the market needs three new units with almost identical specs.