Canon Launches Long-Awaited Rebel XT Follow-up: Rebel XTi

Heavens to murgatroid! A new Rebel! The XT is pretty much the SLR of record in the prosumer market – no one else can really come close to their sales. Well, here’s the next generation, the XTi aka the Canon EOS 400D, a 10-megapixel SLR with new CMOS sensor, a 2.5-inch screen, and a self-cleaning system which vibrates the mirrors to dislodge dust, dirt, and chewed food.

How much are you paying for this? $899 with EF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens or $799 for the body while the XT will run for $799 for the kit and $699 for the body.

So let’s just say this isn’t a massive upgrade, but it’s sufficient to consider dumping the XT and moving on up.


UPDATE – From PC Mag –

That’s not all. The Rebel XTi also uses an inventive firmware-and-software-based spot-detection function, which Canon calls its “Dust Delete Data” feature. Essentially, the camera itself takes an internal snapshot of the image sensor after the camera has been cleaned, recording any dust particles not shaken from the CMOS sensor. It then embeds this snapshot in the metadata file of every image file. After this, pictures are uploaded into Canon’s included image-editing software program which will later detect the spots and remove them.

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