Diamond BizView BV300 and BV200

The Diamond BizView BV300 is a dual-monitor GPU designed for 2D workstation applications like AutoCAD, Adobe Suite and GIS software. It features Unified and WHQL-Certified drivers, DirectX 9.0, Shader Model 3.0, and Open GL. The card itself is 256MB GDDR2 and also provides HDTV support. The BV200 is just a scaled down version of the BV300, but it loses some key features in the downgrade. For a $20 price difference, you’re better off getting the BV300 and the 256MB rather than the BV200 with 128MB. The cards are both relatively cheap, running you $149.99 for the BV300 and $129.99 for the BV200.

BizView GPUs [Product Page]