Ricky Gervais' Faux Microsoft Video


Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, of the UK version The Office, are in a faux Microsoft that surfaced on YouTube and some other video sites and it’s stirring up quite a bit of trouble.

The pair agreed to produce some internal Microsoft training videos a few years back on the condition that they never be released. They did not want to fuel the rumors that David Brent (Gervais’ obnoxious boss character) might make a comeback after being retired when The Office came to an end. But Brent lives on now thanks to the magic of low-quality web video, and Microsoft isn’t happy.

Microsoft, obligated to show some outrage, has launched an investigation to figure out how the video got on the web in the first place. We could tell you more about it, but why not watch it for yourself before its off the web for good?

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