Six Degrees of Crunchation Contest

This is a complex one, but this is a great pair of prizes so please bear with me.
This, our final contest for August, involves creating chains of users. Up for grabs is an Motorola Q and a Kodak Easyshare V603. Here’s how to play…

We need you to tell one friend to take a picture of themself holding up your name on a sheet of paper. That person will then tell one other person to take a picture of themselves holding up your name and so on and so on. The entrant with the longest chain will win the Q and the entrant with the coolest pictures will win the Kodak. By cool we mean maybe a celebrity in the mix or maybe some women so I don’t have to fish through 500 pictures of guys throwing the shocker from their cubicles.

Example: Joe Smith tells Jane Doe to take her picture. She holds up a sign that says Joe Smith. Then Jane Doe tells Sally Wilson to take a picture of herself holding up Joe Smith’s name and so on. Put James Woods or Mischa Barton in there and you win the Kodak. I’m serious.

Put those pictures in a big fat email and send it to crunchgear at gmail dot com with the subject “6 Degrees.” The deadline is next Thursday, August 31 at Noon PST. These are two great prizes and the entries have been pretty sparse, so with a little effort you can probably get your hands on some major tech gear.

Special love to Kodak and Motorola for supplying the prizes.