OLPC Children's Machine Inches Closer

The One Laptop Per Child initiative announced today that it had named its first “$100 laptop” the Children’s Machine, aka the CM1. Each unit will feature a 400Mhz AMD Geode processor, a 7.5″ LCD display and will be mesh network compliant. It will also include VoIP and an SD slot. The CM1 is physically for completely remote areas in that it is physically powered by a drawstring generator.

So there you have it, OLPC has now named their first $140 laptop, some more nonconsequential news from the company. I’d genuinely like to see this product come to fruition, but at times it seems pretty questionable. The information changes almost weekly and its often doubtful that it will ever make it to production–I really hope that’s not the case.

The Children’s Machine (CM1) from One Laptop per Child [OLPC News via Engadget]