New book about Mobile Web 2.0

Ajit Jaokar and Tony Fish, two well known UK speakers on topics concerning the mobile web, have just finished writing their new book “Mobile Web 2.0” Below are some of the hot topics this book covers.

  • Mobile content and the changing balance of power (The power of user generated content)
  • I am not a number, I am a tag (The impact on the telecoms industry’s management of numbers)
  • Multilingual mobile access (Everyone, Everywhere with a phone running .. )
  • Mobile web 2.0 and Digital convergence (Mobile web 2.0 is a driver to digital convergence)
  • The disruptive power of Ajax and mobile widgets
  • Location based services and Mobile web 2.0 (LBS has never quite taken off. Will mobile web 2.0 help?)
  • Mobile search : Much more than Google on your mobile phone.

Most if not all of these topics will certainly be discussed on this blog at sometime or another in the future as I also plan to review UK based Mobile Web 2.0 start-ups. Therefore I have asked both of the authors to become guest contributors from time to time and I am pleased to say they have agreed. ;-)

In addition, I have also asked Daniel Applequist, another well know UK-based Mobile expert, to become a guest contributor here. Besides his work as a Senior Technology Strategist at Vodafone, Daniel is also the chair of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative and organiser of the Mobile Monday events here in London (MoMoLondon).

If you are interested, the next MoMoLondon event is on the 4th September.

Further background on authors:

Recently, Ajit was appointed to chair Oxford University’s next generation mobile applications panel and is also a member of the web2.0 workgroup he is just about to commene a PhD on the topic of Delay Tolerant Networks.

Likewise Tony has been involved for over 18 years in the mobile, wireless, telecom and satellite industries. Tony is a excellent grasp of strategic and economic issues. He is also a non exec for several UK companies:- 2Ergo, Chronos Technology Ltd, JVTV (Subtv & DOT Mobile), SAS