Windows Vista Start-up Sound Sucks, Is Holy

in defense of Big Bill, informing us that:

Microsoft’s Steve Ball gave Robert Scoble some reasons for the startup sound, which as of current planning cannot be turned off: 1) “A spiritual side of the branding experience. A short, brief, positive confirmation that your machine is now conscious and ready to react”; 2) “The startup sound is designed to help you calibrate or fix something that got out of wack when you startup your machine.”

Ed Bott, in return, fires back that start-up sounds that are as loud and obtrusive as a fart in temple – like the Windows XP sound and, potentially, the Vista sound – should be modifiable by the user and should be completely removable, if said user so wishes. However, this shizz is spiritual, baby, and you don’t mess with spiritual.

The fuss over the Windows startup sound is legitimate [EdBott]