Dell Upgrades XPS Laptops To Core 2 Duo

The XPS M2010, M1710, M1210 and E1705 laptops from Dell have all been upgraded to the Core 2 Duo Merom processors. You can choose a T7200, T7400 or T7600 in each laptop in the “M” line, but the “E” line only gets the T7200 and T7400.

The M2010 will be $3,500, the M1710 will be $2,300, the M1210 will be $1200, and the E1705 will be $1,124. Dell’s also said they’re planning on upgrading the Inspiron and Latitude models sometime soon, and we’ll post an update comparing how these Dell Core 2 Duo processors perform to the Core Duo ones previously in these models. For general comparisons between the two processors, take a look here.

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