FairUse4WM Strips DRM From WMA Files, Gets You Free Napster Songs

Want to stick it to the man but don’t want to risk your neck using Bittorrent? Try FairUse4M, a Windows app that strips the DRM off of protected WMA tracks. How does this help you? Well, here’s a use case to illustrate the point.

Step 1. Sign up for Napster’s 7 day free trial.
Step 2. Download some tracks you want using the “download now” option, not the “buy” option. Some tracks are only available as a “buy”. Ignore these.
Step 3. Run FairUse4WM on the files you’ve downloaded from Napster.
Step 4. You can now keep using these WMA files forever, even after your trial is over.
Step 5. Optional step. Drag these into iTunes to import them to use on your iPod.

FairUse4WM – a WM/DRM removal program [Doom9 via dapreview]