Six Degrees of Crunchation Contest: No Entries = My Dog Gets the Q

Well, friends, it’s Monday and I have exactly no “Six Degrees of Crunchation” contest entries. The concept is pretty simple: take your picture holding up a sign with your own name or a sassy saying and then pass that sign to a friend and have them take their own picture THEN have that friend pass it on to one of their friends, ideally someone YOU don’t know. Simply repeat this process and try to grab a great long chain of folks. The entrant with the most links in the chain wins the Motorola Q and the entrant with the coolest pictures – maybe they’re taken very artistically or they include a celebrity – wins a Kodak Easyshare v603 camera.

Question: Is the contest too esoteric? Do you guys not have time to carry out these silly machinations for my benefit? Let me know and maybe I’ll change the rules a bit.

Put those pictures in a big fat email and send it to crunchgear at gmail dot com with the subject “6 Degrees.” The deadline is next Thursday, August 31 at Noon PST. These are two great prizes and the entries have been pretty sparse, so with a little effort you can probably get your hands on some major tech gear.

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