The Vista Plot Thickens

Well with all the gripes circulating about Windows Vista, it’s about time we got some prices. These prices became available through a fluke in the Microsoft Canada page. So keep in mind that these prices are CDN and that there isn’t really any telling whether or not the US cost will be at all similar. Assuming they are, however, the price of this new OS are going to be as ridiculous as the rest of it:

FULL versions (all prices Canadian)

Windows Vista Ultimate $499

Windows XP Professional w/SP2 $429

Windows Vista Business $379

Windows Vista Home Premium $299

Windows Vista Home Basic $259

Windows XP Home w/SP2 $259

UPGRADE versions (all prices Canadian)

Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade $299

Windows XP Professional w/SP2 Upgrade $259

Windows Vista Business Upgrade $249

Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade $199

Windows Vista Home Basic Upgrade $129

Windows XP Home w/SP2 Upgrade $129

Just to give you an idea, if the only factor to consider was the Canadian vs. US price differential, the Windows Vista Ultimate would cost $449USD. Yikes.

Vista prices revealed! [ZDNet]