PowerPoint Control with your iPod

There are lots of ways to present your latest sales losses via PowerPoint–A veritable cottage industry has been built around little devices that advance or retreat your negative sales figures. They use RF, Bluetooth, WiFi, VooDoo and cables to interface with your laptop. Well the addition of the iPod to that list is long overdue.

Using iPresent It, an app that costs less than $20, you can load up your presentation to your little multimedia friend. You can then play it back on the screen (as a series of photos) to practice, or you can use the A/V connection kit to output directly to a projector.

While you’ll still need a computer to make edits, you can conduct your presentation using devices that fits in the pockets of your jacket, and it works quite well. It’s great for doing sales pitches at, say, a client’s office or home, and should impress those who pay attention, which is hopefully anyone you happen to be pitching to.