TrendNet ClearSky Bluetooth Skype Handset

This TrendNet ClearSky Skype handset comes with a Bluetooth dongle that plugs into your computer. How does that help you? Well, the included software hooks into Skype, which then relays the audio to the handset over Bluetooth. How does it perform? Well, the sound quality were “reasonably free of lag”, but you HAVE to use the included Bluetooth dongle since the software is tied directly into the ClearSky utility. There’s no way around it.

The phone itself around the size of a large cell phone. There’s a volume control switch and mute control during calls. It’s charged via mini USB, but it doesn’t actually come with an AC adaptor. The battery life is six hours talk time and sixty hours standby. If you can stand having your computer on all the time to relay your Skype calls, this phone may be for you. Otherwise, we’d advise picking up a phone that uses WiFi instead.

TrendNet ClearSky Bluetooth 2.0 Skype handset [Reg Hardware]