Aiptek MyNote Digital Notepad

The oldest form of data entry on the planet is handwriting. We learn it before we learn to type. It’s not as efficient as a keyboard, but it can be done anywhere on about anything. (Don’t believe me? Check out any alley in Midtown, NYC.)

Handwriting has become a viable option with PDAs and tablet PCs using virtual ink and handwriting recognition to transcribe what you’re scribbling into legible, pixelated ideas. But nothing really compares to a real pen and paper combo.

Enter the Aiptek MyNote. It’s a standard letter-sized folio that uses regular paper. But using it’s battery-powered pen/stylus combo, and it’s own handwriting tracking system, it makes 1000-lpi digital copies of each page. It stores them in it’s built-in 32MB flash RAM (expandable via an SD slot), so you can later upload them to your Windows XP or 2000 machine via USB. From there, you can replace that doodle of your boss in the shark’s mouth with a multi-million dollar idea. See, we’re making you money already.

MyNote [Aiptek]