Coull Vlogger [Interactive Video] links to Google AdWords.

Bristol based Coull have two very “cool” applications to help brand owners create their own user generated video portals and interactive video content.

Coull vlogger is the first application which is their unique all-in-one video blogging solution. It provides end users with a basic video editing capability in conjunction with a video uploading option to a hosted whitelabel UGC portal. In addition, branded vlogs can also be sent directly from mobile phones to the brand owners UGC portal. 

This solution is very good for brands looking to take advantage of the current trend in user generated content creation.  Coull vlogger has already attracted brand clients including Lycos, TEAMtalk, ITV and most recently My Sportal. To see how vlogger really works have a look at this demo or visit one of their branded partner sites.



Coull interact is the second product which is a powerful and free interactive video production tool. Coullinteract is a simple to use application enabling content owners and end users to create genuinely interactive online videos by embedding tags and hyperlinks into objects within a video.  This then turns the video into clickable regions which are linked directly to web pages, surrounding the video, containing further information.

Coull interact has already attracted clients including Rolls Royce, Girls Aloud and the British Army. Once again the best way to see how interact really works is to have a look at this demo and click on some of the embedded objects when prompted. 

When I first saw this product I was amazed because I could see how it might give website and content owners the opportunity to sell products online based on the video content. A company like VideoJug, with their how to … videos, would certainly make a perfect partner for this product.  

Coull have recently added in support for Google’s Adwords, so now when users click on video objects they get contextually paid for search results relevent to the video content.  

In June 2006 Rupert Hambro and Partners recently acquired a controlling stake in Coull in order to help the company to expand.