Fedafi offer an easily managed RSS business solution for everyone.

Fedafi is a Glasgow based, UK company – pronounced fee·da·fi (‘fi’ as in hifi)  – aims to democratize RSS by making it possible for anyone to create, manage, market and track valid RSS and Podcast feeds, as part of their business strategy.

Fedafi is a self-funded startup with just two people right now. Fedafi hope to grow their business by providing the basic tools that every business needs to adopt RSS as a viable marketing and communication channel.

Currently a lot of companies still send out emails as part of their marketing campaign. I have a couple of issues with email marketing.  Firstly it’s very web 1.0, it’s often costly to buy in email listings, more often than not they are out of date and thirdly if its unsolicited it’s illegal spam.

Often marketers will happily report they have sent out thousands of bulk emails but how many are actually read by the intended recipient? My anti-spam filter thankfully traps most of them at the server level and my desktop email filter has a second go by dumping them into my junk folder. Even assuming that I do get the spam email newsletter in my inbox, then my human filter does the rest and just deletes it.

On the other hand RSS is a much better way of marketing communication. As the customer, I choose to receive the information I want, so it is not treated as spam by me. The information is delivered where I want it and when I want it, either in my integrated email reader or browser reader or standalone RSS reader and if I don’t like it I can simple unsubscribe from the feed.

From a marketers perspective reporting the number active subscribers is a better metric of success. Fedafi offer two versions of their product that differ slightly as the table below  shows.