Feedmailer manages your RSS via email and on the go.

FeedMailer is a [free] new RSS service launched by John Slater and Chris Richardson, based in Leeds and self-funded, their aim is simply to keep people updated via their e-mail!

You select the RSS feeds that interest you, add them to your feedmailer account online and then sit back as feedmailer does the rest.

The first interesting thing about Feedmailer, is the ability to set the feed frequency update level. Basically you can configure whether you want to receive your updates every hour, every day or every week! In these days of information overload not everyone wants to have a “river of news” constantly updating them.

Of course there are a number of desktop email clients due to offer a similar RSS integration functionality; Microsoft with Outlook 2007 (beta) client, Firefox with Thunderbird and variety of other RSS email add-ins, such as Attensa and NewsGator etc. to name but a few but these tend to store your RSS feeds in a seperate sub-folder.

But what if you just use plain old Hotmail, Outlook Express or a host of other email clients that don’t support RSS integration, then your only choice is to use a seperate RSS aggregator which means you now have to maintain two information repositories, unless you have FeedMailer.

The second interesting thing about FeedMailer is its ability to integrate RSS with your Blackberry or Mobile 5.0 push client because the RSS feed has already been converted into an email. This to me is a really simple solution to get your RSS feeds pushed to your handheld device but still at the fequency level you require. 

Most of the other mobile RSS aggregators solutions either require you to once again install a seperate mobile client or require you to access your RSS feeds via the phone’s mobile browser which therefore removes the benefits of push email.