Sony To Slash PS3 Production Target In Half?

Digitimes of Taiwan says Sony’s target shipment of 4 million PS3 units by the end of 2006 will likely be halved in the coming weeks. Their CEO has been saying their target was 2 million units in November and 2 million units in December.

Comparing that with the Xbox 360 numbers, which had 1.5 million units shipped in Q4 2005, 1.7 units shipped in Q1 2006, and 1.8 million units shipped in Q2 2006. It took Microsoft more than two quarters to get up to 4 million, and their hardware was much less complicated than the PS3’s cell and graphics chips.

To us, it’s a certainty that the PS3 will not meet the 4 million target by the end of 2006. In fact, it’s unlikely they’ll meet the 2 million target as well.

Target shipment of Sony PS3 may be halved [Digitimes]