Comeks mobile comics

Comeks is a great Series-60 application that lets you take camera phone images and enhance them with comic-book like artwork, speech bubbles and other effects.

You can then assemble these images into a comic strip which can be MMS’d (or saved back into phone memory for upload to your favourite photo-sharing site).

I first saw Comeks in action when one of its creators demo’d it to me at the Mobile Monday Global Summit event in Helsinki. I thought the application itself was fun, but what really impressed me was how the slick UI made it to create comic images, add text, borders, position bubbles, etc…

The people at BulbOn who produced this application really understood mobile usability. Unlike the sterile content creation environments that often ship with these devices, the Comeks application is actually fun to use and experiment with.

In my view, content creation is one of the key challenges of the mobile platform. Content consumption is becoming a non-issue, but content creation remains a bit issue, and it’s examples like Comeks that are showing what can be done in this space. It’s also a great example of mobile innovation that bypasses traditional distribution channels.

You can download the Comeks app over the “Mobile Web” by pointing your Series-60 Web browser at

For more great examples Comeks creations, search for “comeks” on Flickr. I think we can expect more exciting applications from these guys in the future.