Skype 2.6 Beta available

Skype has just released version 2.6 of its web phone software as a public beta. So what’s new? 

The new version makes a big deal of Skypecasts which I have not really taken too so far. The new ‘Live’ tab lists imminent events about to start, which could be anything from language lessons to dating services. Hopefully I can also filter the skypecasts or turn it off completely.

There’s a new browser plug-ins for Internet Explorer and Firefox which mean that phone numbers on web pages will be recognised and Skype users simply click the number to call it using SkypeOut. This is a very good feature but I thought this was already in the previous build when I loaded the Skype toolbar.   

Also new is the ability to add links to mood messages. Your contacts will see the link alongside the buddy icon in their Skype interface.

Finally, Skype is making use of its global user database by adding a feature that reminds Skype users when any of their contacts has a birthday, assuming they have entered that information into their profile.  It’s my 40th birthday soon so I will see if it works.

Talking of birthdays Skype was three years old this week! They had 7 million concurrent users online. Well done Skype

The beta is available for download from the Skype website.