Wii Madden '07 Video Surfaces

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been excited about playing Madden 2007 (and all the other sports games) on the Wii since I first saw the controller. So, when I saw this video on YouTube, I kinda came close to wetting myself (alright that’s not funny, I have an incontinence problem. Yes I’m on medication. Just drop it OK?). I’ve heard a lot of rumblings about what gameplay would actually be like with the Wii games, and I wasn’t sure if we would actually be throwing a ball or tackling a player via the Wiimote. Turns out, we will.

I think the best feature shown off in this video is the Tutorial, where you actually perform the movement and the game tells you if you did it right or not. I really hope this is standard for most of the Wii game.

A New Wii Video: Walkthrough of Madden Wii [I4U News via Joystiq]