Onkyo Launches New 1080p Receivers

Onkyo makes some great stuff. If I weren’t always on the verge of financial ruin I’d probably get myself one of these. Anyway, the TX-SR674 and the TX-SR604 receivers feature a bevy of high end features and is aimed at mid-level home consumers.

Both receivers have two HDMI inputs and 7.1 surround or multichannel sound. They each have Audyssey 2EQ for automatic acoustic calibration and are XM-ready. The TX-SR674 can push at 7×95 and it will retail for $799, while the TX-SR604 only works at a 7×90 threshold and it goes for $599.

Onkyo Ships Mid-Line AV Receivers Loaded with High End Features for 1080p Sources and Displays