Factonomy develop .NET framework

Scottish company factonomy has recently secured €300,000 of funding. Factonomy develops strategic frameworks for the agile development of powerful internal and online business solutions.

A framework provides a foundation structure for the development of numerous applications using a consistent schema. The consistent schema is used to declare what an application should do rather than describing how it should do it. This is possible as the functionality is included in the framework. As a result, developers don’t have to write code for complex functionality, which saves both time and cost.

Factonomy’s framework has C# at its core and runs in a.NET environment . The framework is scalable and can be used for small and large scale online and internal business solutions. These solutions are developed using declarative XML template files that describe everything from the data-sources to data input forms. The presentation layer is handled by XSLT and CSS.


  • Core is written in C#.NET
  • All configuration is via XML templates
  • Presentation layer is XSLT and CSS, producing XHTML
  • W3C Standards Compliant
  • Uses multi threading and caching for performance
  • Optimised for different database engines

Visit the Factonomy Docs Site for much more detailed technical information and examples.

In light of the recent buzz around the Rails framework, it will be interesting to see what .NET developers have to say about factonomy.

Equally if you want to know more about Ruby on Rails, then there is a conference being held here in London, UK on September 14-15, 2006. The venue is the TUC Congress Central in Central London. Registration is possibly was due to close on 1st September but here is a link the registration register here

Plenary speakers include:

Update: David Heinemeier Hansson has just posted about Joel Spolsky piece called Language Wars .  “It’s one of the purest forms of FUD I’ve ever seen against Ruby and Rails.”