A Moment to Say Thanks to our Sponsors

Just a quick note to say Thank You to our six TechCrunch sponsors, as well as the companies that have listed job openings at the CrunchBoard job board. If you are interested in sponsoring the TechCrunch site, information is here. Our six sponsors are:

  1. Faces.com: Faces.com is a social network with a twist, and big on music, picture and video sharing.
  2. SKY-Click: Try out the Sky-Click Skype based call center solution if you are looking to add this customer service feature to your site.
  3. Text Link Ads: These guys are making money for bloggers and advertisers are happy. If you have Google ads on your site, take a look at TLA. You may make more money working with them.
  4. Flock: This is a very cool Firefox based browser with built-in integration with del.icio.us, Flickr, Photobucket and other services.
  5. Edgeio: Check out Edgeio to see classified listings from around the web, and use edgeio to post classified listings to your own website.
  6. LogoJeez: Get a cool new logo for your new company for minimal dollars.