BarCamp London big success [photos]

  TechCrunch UK were one of the sponsors of BarCampLondon

A quick congratulations to organiser(s) of this weekend’s BarCamp London.  It seems the event was very well received, with most people feeling that there should be more unconference-format events like this in London, espeically in light of the backlash that seems to be occuring in the USA to “frothy” me-too conferences.    

  • Ben Metcalfe – Citizen Agency, blog,
  • Ian Forrester – blog,
  • Murray Rowan – Yahoo! UK
  • Paul Hammond – Yahoo! UK
  • Sarah Blow – Uber Geek Girl
  • Putting on any event is hardwork.  Putting on a successful event is both hardwork and exhausting. Ian found it very moving also.

    “I’m almost in tears writing this, why? I don’t know its really stupid but while driving back from BarCampLondon a few minutes ago and it hit me, we just had a near perfect BarCamp. Its hit me hard and I’m just overjoyed and tears are slowly running down my face now. Sheila asked me afterwards if I had a good time? And I answered with a kind yes but now I’m thinking fuck me, we just pulled off the first British BarCamp, it was an amazing event and everyone loved it. I don’t know one person who complained about anything this weekend. Everyone was glowing with praise about the event and now I’m getting it.

    Thanks to everyone who attended and made this one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. So much was learned but I’ll get around to the sessions in another blog post. Till then please do check out Blog posts on Technorati, Pictures on Flickr, Bookmarks on Delicious and Videos on Blip.TV