Hitachi CinemaStar C5K160 For Laptops, Small DVRs

Hitachi’s newest perpendicular-recording hard drive for notebooks is the C5K160. Like the name, it holds 160GB of “stuff”, and is the standard 2.5-inch laptop hard drive form-factor. But in addition to notebooks, this is going to be used in small digital video recorders (DVRs) next to your TV. DVR makers would use this instead of desktop 3.5-inch hard drives because of the smaller 5V power requirement compared to the 12V for larger ones. This means less power draw, less heat, less cooling, and smaller devices.

Of course, pricing for this will be quite high compared to current disks, so we’d recommend you buy a smaller, 120GB hard disk for your laptop unless you really need the space.

New Hitachi Perpendicular ‘CinemaStar’ HDD [Bios Magazine via uber gizmo]