Litebook Kisses SAD Goodbye

Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs when a season changes and an individual gets, well, sad (pun intended). Exposure to certain types of bright lights can trick circadian rhythm mechanism and suppress the melatonin that gives an individual a feeling of sadness. The Litebook features 24 bright white LEDs, a stand, and a clip. The device has been clinically proven and is 100% portable, allowing SAD sufferers to have it with them on the go. If this thing can make me think its summer all year and make me forget it’s freezing and snowing, by all means, sign me up. The Litebook will be released next month and go for $379. You can also purchase the rechargeable Litebook Charge ‘n’ Go that gives you two 30-minute sessions per charge for $447.

Litebook [gizmodo]