Sony UX-280P UMPC

When not building exploding batteries, the busy bees at Sony are creating teeny-tiny computers for everyone to buy, be bored with, and then buy again. Case in point: the UX-280P. The original UX model, the 180P, came out eight weeks ago to much rejoicing. However, if you bought a 180P, you may want to fire up the old EBay because the 280P is quite a bit better.

* Ultra-portable design that fits in your pocket
* 4.5” wide SVGA screen with XBRITE’ technology
* Built-in cameras & mic for communication & photos
* 1GB (1GBx1) PC2-3200
* Intel Core’ Solo Processor U1400
* Ultra Low Voltage
* 40GB
* $1,999

The problem here is that most companies usually have a nice long mourning period before they phase out a model. Sony, on the other hand, pumps stuff into stores and then announces an upgrade immediately. Bad for early adopters, good for Sony.

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