Plug 'n' Play USB Turntable

The Plug ‘n’ Play USB Turntable allows you to listen to your vinyl LPs digitally on your computer via USB. The turntable can also be connected to your stereo system if you just want to listen to those smooth LPs again. This is a really good product for DJs who have hundreds of vinyl’s they keep around for sampling. Plug ‘n’ Play USB Turntable also comes with software to edit and cleanup your files once they’re transferred onto your computer. Of course, we don’t know how well the editing software works or how it ends up making the great sounding vinyl sound digitally, so its probably best to keep your vinyl as raw as possible. The turntable retails for $139 and comes with a felt slip mat, 45-rpm adapter, line level RCA cables, USB cable and recording software on CD-ROM.

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