Sony PSP Download Service Coming Alongside PS3 Launch

Sony’s download service for the PSP, which will allow users to download PlayStation 1 games onto their portables, will be launched simultaneously this Fall with the PS3. The reason for this double launch is because Sony is going to use the PS3 as a hub to manage downloads and digital distribution. So all the original PS1 games and downloaded movies will have to pass through your PS3 before it his your PSP.

This also raises an interesting question. Will the PS3 be able to play back this content as well? We already know that the PS3 will have PS1-era backward compatibility, but will downloaded movies be a part of the Sony PS3 console experience? Will this be in HD, or just PSP-quality? We’ll report as we find out more.

Service due at launch of PlayStation 3 [Games Industry via Gizmodo]