400,000 PS3s For U.S. Launch

If you haven’t already preordered PS3, now would probably be a good time. Sony’s Ken Kutaragi spoke to the associated press earlier today and suggested that only 400,000 Playsation 3 consoles will be available on launch day. That isn’t the worst part, either. Kutargi stated that Japan will only be receiving 100,000 consoles on launch day.

The limited amount of stock is a result of an approximately one month delay created by the component supply problems, and will result in around a million less units than planned for launch.

Looks like I’ll be camping out in front of Fry’s Electronics, again. At least we aren’t in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa or Australia who will be receiving PAL versions of the Playstation 3 in March 2007. What’s going on over at Sony? Too much Rocoloco and not enough market planning?

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