Amazon's Unbox Movie Download Service Launched

And so it begins: Amazon has launched their movie download page called Unbox and is offering a free television show – just to let n00bs get a handle on things – and TV episode downloads for about $1.99 and movies for about $15. Do the Right Thing, for example, is $36.

Each “purchase” gives you a DVD-quality video file and a Windows Media file for portable devices. It is currently Windows-only and movie rentals, which are cheaper, expire after 30 days.

Most notable, however, is that Amazon launched this before Apple. I know CinemaNow and a few other sites are offering downloads – goodie for them – but this is Amazon. For Amazon to make a play in the non-box-it-up-and-ship-it-out media is a very big deal. Get ready for some rough and tumble times in the movie industry.

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