HTC Excalibur Hands On

. His thoughts?

This is the most responsive, fastest Windows Smartphone I have ever used. Everything was made to perfection. The device is metal and rubberized plastic which gives it a great feel in your hands, and the keys… oh my lord, the keys! They are firm but not hard, softly tactcile but not squishy. The touch bar is incredible: highly responsive and ingenious or, Boy Genius if you will.

It doesn’t have 3G, but it does have EDGE and GSM, which makes it perfect for using on Cingular and T-Mobile. He also says it’s definitely a Q-killer, thanks to its similar size and better usability. Finally, a slim smartphone for the people who aren’t on Verizon.

The Boy Genius Report: Hands-on with the HTC Excalibur! [Engadget Mobile]