iCarta iPod Dock and Toilet Paper Holder Reviewed

Gizmodo got their hands and, uh, other things, on the iCarta iPod Dock and Toilet Paper holder. After “exercising every function” of this unit, they gave it a good score. Why? Well, because it was pretty easy to install, sounded fairly decent, and did a pretty good job with everything it was supposed to.

The only troubles they ran into was with their 3G iPod. Apparently the older model kept locking up, whereas the 5G iPod worked just fine. The unit dispensed TP like a normal dispenser would, but was a little bit more fragile so you can’t go smacking it around. This probably means you don’t want to buy one if your house has children. The iCarta does cost $99, so it’s not cheap, but it’s not very expensive either.

Exclusive Gizmodo Review Of The iCarta iPod Dock/Toilet Paper Holder [Gizmodo]