Mysterious Apple Multi-Functional Device

What is it? It might be a warp field generator! Or a phone! Or a device that gives worms to ex-girlfriends! Is it what Steve will be holding up on September 12? There’s no telling!

MacNN dug up an Apple patent, filed September 7, for a multi-functional device that appears to be a cross between a phone, a PDA, and a music player. Let’s call it a Treo, for sake of argument. This Apple Treo is described thusly:

FIG. 2 is a simplified diagram of a multi-functional hand-held device 100. The multi-functional hand-held device 100 integrates at least two devices 102 into a single device. Each device 102 includes both hardware and software components 104 and 106, which are integrated into multi-functional hand-held device 100. It should be pointed out that the multi-functional hand-held device 100 is not limited to only two devices, and may in fact integrate any number of devices.

Clearly, this is some sort of phone. And clearlier it is very special! And clearliest this will probably create a wildfire of crazy Apple iPhone rumors and drive everyone batty.

Apple files Multi-functional hand-held device patent application [MacNN]

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