Sony Drops the HDR-FX7 HDV Camcorder

Sony has added a new HDV camcorder to the low end of its high end models. The HDR-FX7 wields three CMOS imaging censors instead of the typical three CCDs and it is capable of improved slow motion and low light recordings. It features connectivity for HDMI and RCA. The FX7 also weighs 3.63lbs–40% less than the FX1.

It’s not up to par with the currently available FX1, but it should roughly balance out with the estimated price differential. We can assume that Sony will likely update its higher end models soon as well. The HDR-FX7 will be available in October for an MSRP of $3500.

Sony Rolls Out HDR-FX7 HDV Camcorder: Smaller, Lighter, Cheaper [Engadget]